Friday, 22 January 2016

Fastest & Simplest European Residency Option Available Today

There are a number of options open for those wanting fast access to Europe. The current Residency by Investment Programmes that are available in Europe includes options from the likes of Spain, 
Portugal, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Hungary.  They typically enable the investor and family to live in the country that is providing the programme and to travel on a Schengen visa. They are therefore suited to those that require the flexibility of fast and secure route to Europe if needed, the option to travel without the need to work in Europe.

The speed, complexity and costs do vary and one option in particular has proved to be extremely attractive since its introduction a few years ago and that is the Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme. There have been over 2,000 successful applicants in the last 2 years, however why is it proving to be so popular?  Basically it is very fast, very simple and also more cost effective than the previous options that were on the market.

It has now introduced a fast track service which takes just 8 weeks!! There are no residency requirements, no language requirements and is therefore provides a very fast and easy option for those with funds to invest.  By investing a €300,000 in a new home it is also considerable more cost effective than the Golden Visa options from Spain and Portugal which start at €500,000.

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