Monday, 21 September 2015

"Foolproof Formula for EU Passports and Citizenships in record time"

Well when reading this you are probably not aware that you can obtain citizenship and passports in Cyprus in just 3 to 4 months and that they are FULL European Union passports providing the same access rights and benefits as any EU passport including UK, France & Spain. That is providing complete freedom, security and mobility to live, work or study anywhere in the 28 European member countries.

This is a pretty new initiative that was introduced by the Cypriot government in the second half of last year. It requires an investment of €2.5 million and is therefore really only for wealthy individuals and families outside of the EU, however it is less expensive that the UK option at £2 million and  takes 5 years, the Cyprus option taking just 3 to 4 months is light speed ahead  in comparison.

There is very little known about it in the market as it hasn’t really been promoted, and as it offers so much more,  I have decided to help drive awareness of it in order to hopefully help hundreds if not thousands of people gain the freedom and security that any human being should have the right too.

Why has the Cypriot Government introduced a Citizenship through investment Programme?

You may well be thinking “Why has the Cypriot Government introduced such a programme” well this is pretty straight forward, it is for the same reason as many other countries have introduced such schemes and that its to attract international investment and boost the local economy. Many countries including UK, Canada and Australia have introduced such schemes in the past and then after a while when they have achieved the desired objectives either stopped them altogether or slowed them down by making the qualification criteria and process very difficult.

Cyprus is no different and has experienced its own share of difficulties in recent years resulting in an EU bailout. However with restructuring and new initiatives such as this programme they have exceeded all expectations and are on track or ahead of all the financial targets set by the EU and are expecting positive GDP this year, a year earlier than forecast.  Due to these various initiatives and the huge investment potential that Cyprus has to offer it has attracted considerable international investment  which has boosted the economy along with the significant gas fields that have recently been discovered.

Who is this programme aimed at? 

With the qualifying investment level set at €2.5 million the programme is aimed at wealthy individuals and families who would like a fast and easy access to the European Union. They would typically be the calibre of person that the island is aiming to attract to its and Europe’s borders. These individuals and families with significant standing and values should be an asset rather than a burden to the country.

One of the major qualifying investment classes is real estate as the government recognises that large investment in real estate will have a significant boost to the economy. This direction will also attract those with penchant for property including experienced property investors and professionals.

How I help?

I have personally been active in the Cyprus property market since 2004 and our team based in Cyprus has been established for over 40 years. Our team has won awards for outstanding services to international investors and our award winning lawyer has conducted over 200 residency and citizenship applications in the past 18 months with a 100% success rate. We are therefore uniquely placed with a wide selection of investment projects and as well as providing you with the peace of mind that not only will you receive an outstanding service, your citizenship application is guaranteed and you will be investing in real investment projects with a high potential of strong returns.

If you or your clients would like a fast and efficient route to the freedom, security and mobility of living and working anywhere in the European Union then the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme is by far the fastest and simplest route that is available today.

For full details of the programme and how you can obtain FULL EU passports in just 3-4 months simply go click here and request more information.

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